Internal Medicine

(Adults 18+ years)

Our Personalized Membership Program

Your health is your greatest asset and impacts the overall quality of your life. You entrust us with your care, to protect that asset and ensure you achieve true wellness, vitality and longevity.

Thus, we’re excited to share our primary care personalized membership healthcare program with you that provides benefits specifically designed to protect your greatest asset, your health!

Membership Benefits

  • After office hours direct physician access via cell phone or texting which reduces urgent care or ER visits
  • Same Day Or Next Day Office Visits For Urgent Health Issues
  • Minimal Waiting & Unhurried Time With Your Personal Physician
  • An annual executive-level physical, which includes:
    • Complete medical history and thorough evaluation/review of all medications
    • Comprehensive preventive care examination including: EKG, Spirometry, and Audiometry
    • Review of all lab and test results
  • Personalized healthy living and wellness plan – general diet, exercise, stress and smoking cessation
  • Refill and referral requests handled same day
  • Paperwork and documentation filled out by physician with no additional charges
  • Detailed reports and information forwarded to consultants prior to your visit with the consultant, assistance with scheduling and discussion of consultation and procedure reports
  • Review of hospitalizations and clinical implications
  • Assistance with appointments for sub-specialists and testing, as medically necessary
  • Travel clinic: one visit per person, per year – with comprehensive infectious disease information and State Department alerts (Vaccines not included)
  • Free Nutritional Counseling
  • Free Fitness Assessment, plus two complimentary 30 minute training sessions (with the purchase of a fitness package)
  • 50% Discount on Ideal Protein Coaching ($150 value)